Get To Know About The Technology Of Shopware Sofware Version 5

What is Shopware?

Shopware is a German software that was established back in 2000. Its main objective is to focus on user experience incentives. By gaining the trust of more than 100,000 customers worldwide, it is touching new peaks of success every day. Recently, Shopware released version 5 of their software introducing new features with improvements in past versions. Here is an opportunity for you to influence your development potential effectively. Manitysa is a perfect clothing store for setting up your wardrobe. It uses Shopware software version 5 to improve its users’ experience, showing great sales.

Shopware Editions:

Shopware installation is quite simple, and it has four editions.

  • Community edition
  • Professional edition
  • Professional plus
  • Shopware enterprise

Choice of the edition entirely depends on the user’s needs. However, the community edition is free.

Shopware Technology and User Experience of Manitysa:

The use of Shopware software has taken the Manitysa user experience to the next level. Shopware architecture technology supports PHP 7, MySQL, and Elasticsearch that benefit this shop in the following ways:

  • Shopware version 5 uses PHP 7 that improves performance in different areas like the generation of themes. Moreover, it has an extensive range of various themes. Manitysa theme matches with the store type, i.e., clothing depicting professionalism of the store.
  • It resumes store operations rapidly and has fast implementation. The characteristic is due to its feature that allows changing the store visuals quickly.
  • Moreover, it is highly responsive, which means that the website is entirely responsive on all the devices from laptop to mobile and tabs making it user-friendly to shop from Manitysa.
  • Shopware’s CMS called ‘Shopping Worlds’ supports the creation of pages without any technical support. Manitysa’s interface is built such that users can find all the categories on the front page.
  • Shopware backend is well structured. Backend freedom of Shopware’s CMS allows creating relative content with demonstrative images. Manitysa uses it wisely to improve user experience, due to which they are known to be top sellers.
  • Manitysa uses Shopware 5 feature that allows creating product groups by filtering manufacturer, price, rating, and availability. When customers select suitable filters, the website will show the relative product groups.
  • Being SEO-friendly, Shopware supports the creation of SEO-friendly URLs, meta titles, and descriptions. All these SEO features rank Manitysa in top sites on Google.
  • Shopware is an open-source since 2016. So, users have the freedom to create additional configuration options or code modules to improve customer experience.


Updated version 5 of Shopware promises excellent results with its unique features. It has enormous features built after focusing on understanding users’ needs and values to make the platform user-friendly. Manitysa, a German clothing store, is making its place in the fashion industry and increasing sales using Shopware software version 5. Manitysa is specially designed for women’s wardrobe, but it also offers trendy fashion designs for men and kids. It is the best-selling clothing website using Shopware 5 wisely to increase sales.